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Fanfarlo - Reservoir

SpaceInvaders Love... (SpaceInvaders Ama...)

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1. I'm A Pilot *[mp3]
2. Ghosts
3. Luna *[mp3]
4. Comets
5. Fire Escape
6. The Walls Are Coming Down
7. Drowning Men
8. If It Is Growing
9. Harold T. Wilkins
10. Finish Line
11. Good Morning Midnight

Rating: (4,6/5.0)
SpaceInvaders Recommendation


SputnikMusic - .../10
"Fanfarlo were conceived by Simon (vocals, guitar, keys, mandolin, sax, glock) while he was taking shelter in a forest from a particularly heavy snowstorm in Sweden. Inspired to move to London to form the band, he quickly found allies in Justin (bass) and Leon (trumpet/keyboards) when playing small gigs around the city. Mark (electric guitar, keys, vocals, accordian, fanfarlophone) then joined, and Fanfarlo’s electronic backing track was ceremoniously destroyed when Amos (drums & percussion, vocals) was enlisted to complete the rhythm section.
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