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Royal Bangs – Let It Beep

Let It Beep

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REVIEW: RockSound | BBC | Strangeglue | TheLineOfBestFit

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01 war bells
02 poison control
03 my car is haunted
04 brainbow
05 conquest II
06 b & e
07 shit xmas
08 tiny prince of keytar
09 1993
10 gorilla king
11 waking up weird
12 maniverse

Rating: (4,6/5.0)
SpaceInvaders Recommendation

Royal Bangs "Poison Control" from Sundown in the City on Vimeo.


RockSound - 6,0/10
"The best songs, though, like ‘My Car Is Haunted’ contain numerous tiny jewels, moments of chiming percussion, buzzing electronica or gorgeous keyboard lines that deserve a cleaner sound. It is, after all, possible to be too cool.
. *Read Full Review

BBC - ...
"Varied but never lacking cohesion, Let It Beep is a charming and entirely unforeseen hit for tastes demanding their rock a little rough-hewn and happily unaffected. That it makes KoL sound as sonically redundant as U2 and Oasis is merely an accidental bonus." *Read Full Review

Strangeglue - 8,0/10
"Royal Bangs is where the dream becomes the reality. Intelligently woven music encompassing a diverse range of styles." *Read Full Review

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